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Hotel in Houston before the flight. PICT2138.jpg (24508 bytes)
Picture-183.jpg (16806 bytes) George Town harbor.
Picture-171.jpg (13648 bytes)
Picture-109.jpg (30527 bytes) Waterfall at Turtle Farm.
Linda, Jade and ?????. Linda-Jade-Turtle.jpg (23226 bytes)
Picture-142.jpg (23814 bytes) Adding up the cost at the dive shop!
Ready to take the plunge with Shane. Picture-148.jpg (17325 bytes)
Picture-156.jpg (30651 bytes) Linda wonders whether she is ready for this!
Warm, clear water! Picture-157.jpg (28102 bytes)
Picture-210.jpg (26933 bytes) Smith Cove is as great as ever.
Linda liked it!! Picture-232.jpg (24054 bytes)
Picture-240.jpg (5871 bytes) Waterspout near the island.
A silver lining after a great day! Picture-220.jpg (8476 bytes)
Picture-189.jpg (20145 bytes) Four crazy girls.
Beach Club on 7 Mile Beach. Picture-187.jpg (22376 bytes)
Picture-121.jpg (18353 bytes) There was PLENTY of eating after a long day of playing in the sun!
Exhibit "A". Picture-124.jpg (12585 bytes)
Picture-166.jpg (24670 bytes) Caribbean patty.


No comment! Picture-168.jpg (18691 bytes)
Picture-133.jpg (18390 bytes)
A visit to HELL. Picture-174.jpg (26124 bytes)
Picture-179.jpg (27496 bytes) Guess who?
WOW, and angel in Hell! Picture-180.jpg (20023 bytes)
Picture-178.jpg (20503 bytes) Find the Iguana.
Shannon and Jade. Picture-129.jpg (19835 bytes)
Bayley. Picture-130.jpg (15931 bytes)
Picture-123.jpg (15006 bytes)
Picture-120.jpg (17055 bytes)