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Here's Cenlan!

6# 3 oz and 18" long

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PICT2294.jpg (19604 bytes) With Granny....
.... and Baba PICT2295.jpg (22101 bytes)
Mimi_Cenlan-hospital.jpg (17666 bytes) Mimi and Cenlan.

Three days old (Cenlan, not Mimi).

Before and After Cenlan was born.. (Mouse over the picture to see "After".)
Pool time for Casen. PICT2334.jpg (24553 bytes)
PICT2339.jpg (22045 bytes) Baba, can I have some of your watermellon?
PICT2338.jpg (15314 bytes) This is GOOD !!!
Mom and I took Cenlan to our tree. CRW_2291.jpg (26277 bytes)
CRW_2290.jpg (24315 bytes)
CRW_2299.jpg (19516 bytes) LOVE !